Assembly instructions

The Veter Models 3d puzzles are made with new technologies and materials that no other 3d puzzles used before, so it might seem like a tricky task to assemble your first one. 

That's why we'd like to offer you a full set of video assembly instructions for our mechanical models. It would be a great help on your way to getting together our collection.

Note, that some parts might seem unusual for the touch because of the different materials and sizes. But thanks to that, the Veter Models puzzles are much more neat and durable than any other simply wooden puzzles.

After this you’ll fall in love with this deluxe edition mechanical model toys! 


P.S. Don't forget to use the black underlay that comes with each model to better see the transparent parts! 


1. Chopper-V1


2. Speedster-V2


3. Egyptian Pyramid


4. SpeedFighter


5. Spring recovery

If you still have questions or concerns, please, feel free to contact us using the form below.

We'll be happy to provide you with all the needed information and help with the assembly! 

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